Solo Explorer

R 45.00
The Wings Coffee "Solo Explorer" is a hand crafted, one cup solution for filter coffee lovers. No more bulky grinders, inconsistency or compromise with instant coffee.

Just the perfect cup, every time!

Each bag is individually hand-filled straight from the grinder, with 12 grams of coffee. The filter bag is sealed, then placed inside a foil sachet and heat sealed within 30 seconds to ensure optimum freshness.
How to Brew
All you have to do is remove the filter bag from the foil sachet, tear along the perforated seal, deploy the WINGS, and hang over your cup. Now, slowly pour 200ml hot water over the grounds, and within seconds, you will have a great tasting cup of gourmet coffee.

Wings Coffee Solo Explorer:  Now you’re the barista, anywhere, anytime!
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