About Us

At WINGS COFFEE ROASTERS we believe in one mission, Live your life with Passion.

Heart pounding. Adrenaline pumping. Pulse racing. Adventure-seeking… LIFE!

Pursuing challenges and conquering them, pushing boundaries and exploring the unknown. WINGS sets your pulse racing, sharpens your focus and rewards you for never quitting.

Discover the coffee born from a dream to bring the taste of flight and adventure to every cup. At WINGS COFFEE ROASTERS we want to be a part of your epic journey, every day, as a reminder that nothing is ordinary when created with purpose.

Each origin is precisely targeted, each bean methodically picked and each roast meticulously planned, to draw out and highlight the best flavors of their region, either as a single origin or combined in a crafted blend.

Justus du Toit is the force behind WINGS COFFEE ROASTERS. As a fighter pilot in the air force, Justus thrives on the thrill of being a mere 200ft above the ground, outmaneuvering another aircraft in hostile pursuit, feeling his pulse racing, pushing himself to his limits, feeling alive with every breath.

In 2012, while injured and unable to fly, Justus turned his attention to capturing that exhilarating thrill through the perfect cup of coffee. He began exploring the precision and artistry behind roasting his own beans and crafting his own blends. Thus, WINGS COFFEE ROASTERS was born.

Using his strict air force training and his innate dedication to perfection, Justus combines the science of coffee roasting with the gut-feel of a fighter pilot. “We truly only feel alive when we push the physical, mental and spiritual boundaries that define us as human.”

Push your limits and experience the thrill of coffee, created through passion and a taste for adventure. WINGS COFFEE ROASTERS - Fuel your pulse.

“BUSTER GO” and let the adventure begin.