The Dogfight


The idea was simple, give people the taste of flight. I named the blends after aircrafts with the idea that, although, I have not flown all them myself, I have a pretty good idea of how each would handle, and then all I had to do was pair that feel with a coffee... easy.

So, while cupping a new blend, I close my eyes and focus on the key elements. First and foremost, taste and body of the coffee. If it is a smooth body, I will most likely think of a modern day aircraft, and if it has a more metal-like body, I will probably look for something WW2 related... you get the idea.

Once I have categorized my aircraft based on its body, the next step of narrowing it down is based on its fruitiness/acidity. This will help me decide if it is going to be a bomber (earthy fruitiness), an interceptor (citrus fruitiness), or a multi-role (elements of both). This process is a bit more complex than this, as it also narrows down the handling characteristic, to help me decide on the aircraft type.

Final step is sweetness and overall mouth-feel.

Let's just say once I have two or more aircraft in mind, this final step is the dogfight. The winner gets the name.

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